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About Us


Peek Kinetics is an online one-on-one coaching program that is built around your lifestyle and needs. Our job is to identify your biggest struggles and simplify an otherwise very complicated process into a step-by-step program that you can thrive on. Most of the cookie-cutter programs online are created for the consumer to adjust their lifestyle and schedule to meet the criteria necessary for the success of that program, but rarely is that desirable or sustainable. Peek Kinetics creates a sustainable blueprint that accommodates your weaknesses and makes them strengths by giving you clarity on weekly goals, and giving you a personal coach to help you execute those goals. This program is a team effort, and your coach is with you every step of the way.

1 on 1 virtual coaching

Direct communication with Coach Ryan or Coach Jenn

Private access to the Peek Kinetics App with full fitness tracking capabilities 

Fully custom fitness program built for your lifestyle and goals

Workout scheduling accountability reminders/workout check-ins

Personalized video exercise tutorials 

Weekly check-ins

Bi-weekly phone call check-ins

Video form check-ins

Custom macro-based nutritional blueprint /guidance/weekly check-ins

Write up explaining the science behind your program

Weekly challenges and additional informative videos​

Fitness Equipments

Peek Kinetics App

With private access to our Peek Kinetics app, you will receive a fitness blueprint that is designed to deliver maximum results with personal video tutorials, nutritional guidance, full tracking capabilities, and more.  Your coach will motivate you, guide you, and challenge you as you create the transformation of your life. 

  • Peek Kinetics is about creating a transformation that will require three essential pillars: Mindset, Strategy, and Accountability.  

  • You can't make a lifestyle change without the right mindset that is ready to put you into a productive and resilient space forged for success.

  • Without a strategy, you will be running in circles and will quickly find yourself in the same place you started.

  • Accountability is our responsibility to you. With Peek Kinetics, we are here to help push and support you every step of the way to the best of your ability.


About Team Peek Kinetics


Coach Ryan

The owner and founder of Peek Kinetics, Ryan was born into the fitness industry. With his mother as the private studio owner of Elite Fitness in Andover MA, he was able to begin his training as a coach at the young age of sixteen and was nationally certified by NASM by the age of eighteen. His love for sports performance was born from playing hockey and excelled as a high school, collegiate, and semi-pro football player where his training was focused on the science that optimizes performance and fat loss. While training part time as a sports performance and weight loss specialist, he graduated from Springfield College where he receive his Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science. Ryan is passionate about building relationships with his clients and taking their training to the next level with his customized fitness programs with Peek Kinetics.


Coach Jenn

Jenn is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor who has had a passion for fitness her entire life and strives to help others by teaching them how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  She played soccer for over fifteen years in addition to basketball and running track and enjoys competing in fitness competitions for the WBFF organization as her current hobby. Jenn graduated from Springfield College with a B.S. degree in Exercise Science. She also has an A.S. degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant from Bay State College. She has been nationally certified in both Personal Training and Group Exercise for over ten years, with specialty certifications in teaching HIIT and Tabata, Yoga specialized with Personal Training, Cycling, and TRX.

Jenn has experience working with a wide variety of age populations; specifically, with females for general lifestyle/weight loss transformations, young athletes in injury prevention, and exercise for those with osteoporosis and arthritis. Jenn is enthusiastic to work with any female looking to change their lifestyle through health and fitness with Peek Kinetics.

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