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“ I first started training with Ryan 8 years ago 1-on-1. Ryan is an unbelievable personal trainer who not only focuses on how to best train your specific body but in the gym has pushed me past what I thought my limits were. Ryan focuses on your specific strengths and weaknesses to help you achieve the best possible workout and deliver results. After I moved and could no longer work out with Ryan in personal sessions, he created multiple programs for me to maximize my time and results in the gym. Ryan's programs are demanding both physically and mentally but one thing is certain, they produce results. Whatever your goal is in the gym, if you have the drive to achieve them Ryan will give you the tools to get the job done. 10/10 I recommend working with Peek Kinetics.”

-Chris C. 


“I started Peek Kinetics because I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror and wanted to make a change but I honestly wasn’t sure where to start or how to do it. I needed something to keep me motivated and accountable so I would push myself to get to where I wanted to go. I knew Jenn from Orange Theory and after getting to know her as a coach there, and learning she had her own personal training company, I decided to look into it further. After hearing all about PK, I thought it was exactly what I had been looking for. I really liked how it’s all online-based and you can work out of whatever gym you want to and the exercises will be tailored to the equipment that you have. It was so easy for me to work 8-5 every day and have plans on the weekends to schedule my workouts and check-in and track them using the app. I’ve learned so much from doing this program, both about myself and about fitness and nutrition. I know what to look for when I’m at the grocery store that’s healthy for me and I’ve been introduced to so many great new foods! I didn’t know much about the gym before this, but now I know so many new exercises and I can walk into a gym confident in knowing what I’m doing. I also have been lifting heavier weights than I ever could before, which is so cool! After 3 months, I get so many comments and compliments on how much better I look and how much more in shape I am. Just looking at the before and after pictures alone shows me that I was able to accomplish my goal of getting toned and feeling better about myself. Jenn is an amazing coach who is always there if you need her. If I needed some sort of modification for any reason, she was on top of it. I’m so excited and proud of my progress that I’ve made with Peek Kinetics and Coach Jenn and I’m going to take everything that I’ve learned and keep applying it to my everyday life!”

-Veronica G. 


“ I have been training online with Ryan since September 2017, and I have been beyond happy with my results. I have had many personal trainers, and he is BY FAR the best one I've had because he truly does care about you hitting your goals. He doesn't stop to continue to challenge me, as I've hit some of my goals, he encourages me to set larger goals; working with him is an exciting process I am a busy fashion design student at a rigorous school, and Ryan has tailored a fitness and nutrition plan an that works with my busy on-the-go New York lifestyle. Ryan really does go out of his way to make sure you're achieving your goals and answering your questions. He is not just a personal trainer, he is also a mentor to me and emphasizes to think positively. Training with him has made my passion for fitness larger than it ever has before, and I would highly recommend him to anyone no matter what your goals are.”

-Ariana N. 


“ I really enjoyed working with Coach Jenn, she helped build my confidence of going back to the gym and using machines in ways I never thought of trying. I was able to live my life but also making better choices when it came to food, which is far more sustainable than any other "diet". I really loved this program!”

-Katie H. 


“ Highly recommend Ryan for those who truly want to transform your mindset and body. Doing his 8-week transformation was one of the best life challenges and lessons learned to date! I literally was clueless about macros and how they directly relate to my workouts and diet. Ryan taught me the basic principles and paired those with amazing workouts to maximize my results. I lost about 11 pounds and over 20 inches. If you need a change - I would contact Ryan ASAP!”

-Kara B. 


“ I started because I needed to take back control of my health and because I’m at a point in my 20s where habits I form now are going to greatly affect me as I get older and I want to create healthy ones. I started working with coach Jenn because I used to go to her classes when I went to orange theory and she’s the first fitness coach who hasn’t intimidated me and who I felt I could be honest with every on my off days or the times I messed up. This program is so unique because I know I’m not getting the same workouts or plans as anyone else. It’s modified to me and my body and my limitations and my strengths. It’s not by any means a one size fits all program which is one of the biggest things I love about it. I’m not just a customer to Jenn And she’s not just someone I pay she’s my partner in the journey and she 1000% is there every step of the way. I really loved the timed workout, it was a fun way to push and kinda compete with myself to do better than I did the week before. The biggest thing I’m taking away is that I’m way stronger than I believe I am physically and emotionally and mentally. Also that I really eat no protein and need to get wayyyy better haha. My biggest accomplishments were the little ones, fitting into clothes I didn’t think would fit me anymore. Seeing the progress photos and being like oh I am getting fitter even though the scale didn’t more or it moved up. Also having the biggest feeling that I was accomplishing something that I have always struggled with. Completing the program was bittersweet I was so insanely happy with how far I’ve come and what I have accomplished within the initial program but I didn’t want it to end. But Jenn isn’t getting rid of me that easily haha.”

-Elizabeth G.


“ WARNING: This is not your average trainer. Ryan Peek is not simply interested in getting you into better shape (even though I can promise you he will). What makes Ryan so special is the care and individualized attention he brings to each one of his clients. When I started working with him in 2013 I barely understood anything about weightlifting, proper technique, or how to isolate certain muscle groups effectively. Frankly, the whole prospect of learning seemed overwhelming. But Ryan made it simple, breaking down each session by beginning with proper technique and building upon that foundation purposefully to help me achieve personal records I never thought were possible. The way he trains is always intentional, articulate (and at times hilarious). I consider him not just an effective trainer, but a great friend as well. I highly recommend reaching out to him and getting involved with Peek Kinetics. Even my Dad has, and from what I hear he’s about ready to kick my...”

-Adam G. 


“ I started this journey to make life changes that were going to stick. Over the years I've tried several challenges and fads, but after success and a program end, I was never able to stick to it. I cycled through times of going to the gym twice a day to nothing for months. This program gave me the tools to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I loved having exact workouts to adhere to and making myself set PRs each time. I felt wonderful after every workout full of more and power and energy. Along with PRs at the gym I now workout alongside everyone else instead of confined to the empty classroom or women's locker. This shows the self-confidence I gained within myself. I have numbers to stick to for my eating habits which I've progressed on and am still working to hit on a daily basis. Jen gave me a new tool full of meals and shopping lists so I can make more growth in the coming weeks. My biggest growth was in the choice of food, especially late night cravings and stress eating. I've had a lot of life stress and anxiety through this challenge and I remember calling Jen a couple of weeks in, crying that I didn't think I could get through my cravings, find food combinations for me, or have any time to prep everything. I feel like I know my body better when it comes to cravings. Many times it came down to simply being thirsty or bored. I made progress and growth mentally and physically through this transformation that I am proud of and that I can continue to use to make myself the best version of me that I can.”

-Alicia R. 


“ Three years ago I had given up on lifting weights. Multiple injuries from a lifetime of athletics made lifting painful to the point that I assumed it just wasn’t possible anymore. I had lost most of my muscle and felt miserable. Fortunately, I was gifted a package is sessions with Ryan that changed everything. He showed me how to modify exercises to work around my injuries and got me excited about fitness again. Three years later I’m a different person. I love the gym again, look and feel great, and that has a ripple effect through all parts of my life. Ryan is the real deal. He’s an expert trainer, the epitome of fitness, and a great human being. If you want to improve your life, go see him.”

-Erich A. 


“ I was 8-9 months into my health and fitness journey when I decided to take it to the next level by joining the PK 8 Week Challenge. It had been years since I had stepped into a traditional gym setting, but the customized program and instructional videos gave me the confidence to use machines I’d never dare touch otherwise. The weekly check-ins allowed me to reflect on my workouts, nutrition and motivate me for the upcoming week. This kept me on track and pushed me to lift even just a few more pounds whenever I could. I literally have never felt so strong, confident, and happy with my body and overall wellbeing! This has really helped set the foundation for lifelong healthy choices and habits. I’d do this again in a heartbeat and highly encourage anyone who’s looking to make changes in their lives to work with Coach Jenn and Peek Kinetics!”

-Lauren S. 


“ Working with Ryan has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time! Having been a hockey player for most of my life, I have always believed that I had a handle on fitness and working out, but I didn’t know anything yet. My goal over the 8-week program that I participated in was to gain 10 pounds. Ryan started me off with a custom-tailored lifting program that triggered all the right muscles. Next, he developed a custom-made nutrition program that was hugely important in my situation. And finally (but most importantly) he held me accountable and motivated me throughout the program in a way that really is what I believe sets him apart as an elite trainer. At the end of 8 weeks, I was up almost 12lbs, feeling fantastic, and most importantly it left me wanting more and hitting the gym harder than ever. I recommend Peek Kinetics 100%! No matter what your goals are, Ryan will help you crush them.”

-Andrew R. 


“ Peek Kinetics was the start to a fabulous journey that I now feel I could take on by myself based on what I learned. Coach Jenn was motivating, supportive, and full of great ideas to help advance my fitness. She catered to what I needed and was able to help me in the gym as well as with my nutritional goals. My results were great and better than any other challenge or program I have done. I truly think that is Jenn's commitment to accountability for her girls, and the approach of a realistic program style! I would recommend it to any of my ladies!”

-Amy K.


“ I’ve been working with Ryan since the fall. My fitness was falling off and I hadn’t been going to the gym on a regular basis. Since I’ve been working with Ryan, I’ve been going to the gym consistently and I feel a lot better. Ryan is a motivator and will help you push towards your goals, whatever they may be. Like I said, I’ve only been working with Ryan for a short period of time, but I can already notice a difference in my attitude towards fitness and how I feel. I can’t wait to see what the next couple of months bring.”

-Ryan B. 


“ I started because I wanted to have someone hold me accountable as I started a new chapter of my life. My goals were to gain lean muscle and be more confident looking in the mirror. I met coach Jenn at OTF and she has always fostered a very caring and positive environment. At OTF Jenn would always push me to do better, lift more, and be the best I could be. I wanted that same encouragement to continue my fitness journey. This program is unique because although it’s online, Jenn is there for me whenever I needed. Jenn made it abundantly clear that we should still continue to live our lives and not overly limit ourselves. It is about making small changes in the lifestyle you like to live to help you meet your goals. I liked the community Jenn built, although I did not know any of the other challenges we were able to talk about all our struggles and victories together. Supporting each other through the hard weeks and celebrating each other through the good ones. My favorite exercises were shoulder exercises. I had never workout my shoulder specifically and I found a huge love for it once Jenn introduced me to it. I am taking away an understanding of how to make healthy choices while not overly limiting yourself to where it’s making you unhappy. My biggest accomplishments are being able to push my body and lift more than I could before. My results are incredible I lost 2.5 inches around my waist in 8 weeks! Throughout the challenge I did not see significant changes in my body, so when I did the final check-in pictures and put them next to my pictures from week one I was floored. Everything looked more toned and smoothed. I am so happy with the results of this challenge and I cannot wait to continue my fitness journey with Jenn!”

-Kayla G.


“ Having someone like Jenn in your corner makes the journey so much easier! She is genuinely excited about all your successes and supports you when you feel defeated! I feel stronger both mentally and physically since starting this adventure! My jeans fit!”

-Erin B.


“ I started this program, knowing that I was about to enter a massive phase of stress and change within my professional and personal life. I knew the time for myself would be limited, and I would be overwhelmed and overworked. I wanted to hold myself accountable to maintain some self-love during this time and to be sure that no matter how crazy things got, that I was still making time every day for myself. And to keep both my mind and my body healthy. Usually, during this phase/season of work, I end up getting sick a couple of times, gaining weight/body fat, and losing my mind. I can now proudly say that I did not get sick, I did not gain body fat, and I have (sort of!) maintained my sanity in knowing that I haven't completely lost myself. Even more than that, I have learned a lot more about myself than I would have otherwise. I challenge myself to reflect on my lifestyle, routines, and what I've thought was all the right stress coping mechanisms. I have always used exercise as my coping mechanism, not realizing that I was also causing more stress on my body by not getting the proper rest and recovery with it all. I am learning to find other ways to manage my stress while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

-Hayley M. 


“ I started with Jenn because I needed guidance on my workouts and nutrition. Jenn gave me excruciating routines that challenged me and helped me gain confidence in the gym. After completing the 8-week challenge, I feel stronger, I have more energy, and my body feels leaner. I would highly recommend working with Jenn to achieve your fitness goals.”

-Anjali P. 

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