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Online 90-Day Transformation Program

Online 90 Day Transformation Peek Kinetics is a custom online fitness program backed by science, and constructed to transform your body in 90-DAYS. Through the use of our Peek Kinetics app, you will be prescribed a fitness regimen...


In Person Training

Located in the heart of downtown Andover, Elite Fitness Studio offers private in person training and group classes with any of our highly qualified elite trainers.  Click here to book your first in person training sessions today!


Live Video Personal Training

Looking to join us for a one-on-one training session, but are unable to travel to our location?  No problem! Peek Kinetics is now offering Live Video Training where you can video chat with your coaches live in real time who will help train...


Online 30-Day Home Workout Program

This program is perfect for those looking for a workout at home but still need the guidance and accountability from a personal trainer.  The 30-day online program will be customized for you specifically...


Online Nutrition

With our 30-day online nutrition program, we will be providing nutritional guidance to you on your current eating habits and set you up with your own custom macronutrient blueprint that will help...

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